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2010 Proceedings:
Using 3-D Virtual Worlds_Moscato_Boekman
Studying E-Government trust in Developing Nations_Abdelghaffar etal
Student created student edited online course materials_Mackie_Liu
Semi-Virtual Knowledge Engineering_Akram
Risk index and uncertain portfolio selection_Xiaoxia
Revelations in Decision Making_Altschuller_Benbunan-Fich
Reducing Risk by Leveraging Information for Advantage in Bidding_Richardson
Personal Health Informatics_Trevor Rohm
Integrating Failure Mode Effect Analysis_Steinke_Kurniawati_Nindel_Edwards
Improving communication in real estate project initiation_Hermanns etal
Identification of the Ethics of Emerging ICTs_Carsten Stahl et al
How to successfully implement BPMS_Hagemans_Kelder_Ravesteyn
Geometrical Modeling for Material Flow Management_Davidrajuh
Exploring the Influence of National Cultures_Dols and Silvius
Establishment of Confidence Thresholds for IVR Systems_Soluade
Enhancing Communication Between Knowledge Workers_Haanappel_Ravesteyn
E-business in Agriculture_Oduwole_Sanusi_Ndagi_Adejumo
E-Business Enabled ERP II Architecture_Chan
Digital Media Dependency Relational Orientation and Social Networking_Bahk etal
DEAR A New Technique for Information Extraction_Sedbrook and Lightfoot
Curriculum Structure and Assessment Placement_LightfootBusiness and IT Alignment in the Dutch vocational education_Silvius_De Waal
Analyzing Parts of Speech and their Impact on Stock Price_Schumaker
Adopting e-business in SMEs_Chen_Lewis
A method for defining optimum service granularity_Wiersma_Ravesteyn

2010: Proceedings of Student Consortium:
Adoption of Software as a Service in Slovenian SMEs_Marolt
BPM based ERP implementation_Huijsman_Noordveld
Communication efficiency in BPM solutions_Meggelen_Van der Kolk
E-business considerations on the business side_Mertens
HIM learning from computer suported cooperative work_Kerkhof_Rooij
Impact of Cloud computing on the business worldwide_Jovevski
Increasing trust towards governmental e-Services_Meskovska et al
Legacy information systems can they be agile_Verbaan
Model to Predict Guide and Measure Enterprise 2.0 Maturity_Jonkers
The additional value of BPM_Janssen_Derriks
Towards an extended unified CSF-model for BPMS implementations_Aarnouts_Roeling

2008 Proceedings:
1 PIIMA-2008 Cover page
2 PIIMA-2008 Editors Page
3 PIIMA-2008 TOC
4 PIIMA-2008 ERB 2008
5 PIIMA-2008 – Davidrajuh 1-12
6 piima – 2008 unold 13-20
7 piima-2008 reynoso 21-34
8 piima-2008 ndag 35-40
9 piima-2008 davidrajuh 41-50
10 piima-2008 ozigbo 51-64
11 piima-2008 dyck 65
12 PIIMA-2008 IIMA Officers 2007-2008
12.5 piima-2008 mackinnon 67-76
12.75 piima-2008 mercado 77-84
12.85 piima-2008 moscato 85-96
13 PIIMA-2008 CFP Houston
14 PIIMA-2008 IIMA Library