Dear Members of the International Information Management Association (IIMA),

I am both honored and excited to address you as the incoming President of IIMA.  It is with great humility and enthusiasm that I take on this role, and I am deeply appreciative of the trust you have placed in me to lead this phenomenal organization. My warmest welcome is extended to all of you as we embark on a journey to advance information systems in academia and the professional realm.

As we go through the year to come, it is essential to acknowledge the immense contributions of our past presidents, board members, and every member who has dedicated their time and effort to make IIMA the wonderful community it is today. Their commitment to the field and to this association has paved the way for us to carry the torch forward.

The field of information management systems is rapidly evolving, and the importance of our work cannot be overstated. In a world driven by digital transformation including the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, our association plays a vital role in bridging the gap between academia and the professional sphere. It is our responsibility to facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation to stay at the forefront of developments in this ever-changing landscape.

Over the coming term, we will focus on several key initiatives to achieve our vision:

Promoting Knowledge Sharing: We will create platforms for members to share their research, experiences, and insights through our online and offline platforms. This will include our upcoming conference in Manchester, UK in September 2024.  The details will be forthcoming by the end of Q4’23.  Knowledge sharing will also be facilitated with community engagement opportunities this year through virtual workshops/guest speaking that allow us to explore cutting-edge developments and best practices.

Enhancing Educational Opportunities: We will work towards providing resources for faculty, students, and professionals to expand their knowledge in information systems. This may include providing information on trending topics in our offline/online platforms and making the upcoming conference in Manchester, U.K., more accessible for students.

Building Strong Industry Connections: To ensure that our efforts remain relevant and impactful, we will strengthen our ties with each other by developing connection points by using online/offline platforms.  We will also build strong connections with industry leaders, encouraging dialogues and partnerships that can drive innovation and opportunities for our members.

Increasing Diversity and Inclusion: We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community where every voice is heard and valued. Our association will strive to reflect the rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences in our field where it is a place of belonging.

Promote Publication Opportunities: We are committed to advancing high-quality research publications in IIMA’s signature Journal of International Technology and Information Management (JITIM) with a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase the visibility of JITM in academic and professional circles. Specifically, as a beginning, the goal is to use social media and academic networks to promote JITM and its publications.

Our association is not merely an organization; it is a family, a community, bound by common goals and shared values. We are a collective force for change, progress, and innovation. Our diversity is our strength, and our unity is our power. We have the potential to shape the future and create a lasting impact.

We must remember that every great journey begins with a single step. We now usher in a new era of leadership so let us take that step together. Let us embrace change as an opportunity to grow, learn, and adapt. The challenges we face may be significant with competing options for resources especially, but our determination to overcome obstacles is even greater. Let us be unwavering in our commitment to our mission to grow our community, and let our passion fuel our progress.

To inspire and motivate is not only the duty of a President but a shared responsibility. As members, your ideas, your creativity, and your dedication will be the driving force behind our success. So, I encourage each and every one of you to engage, contribute, and lead in your own way. Whether you’re a long-standing member or new to our association, your voice matters, and your perspective is invaluable. Please email me at any time with your perspectives at

In closing, I am excited to serve as your President, and I am eager to work with you all in the coming year to advance the goals and mission of the IIMA that can be found here. Together, there is nothing we cannot achieve. Our collective potential is limitless.  Thank you for your trust, your commitment, and your passion. I am excited to lead this extraordinary association into a future where together we will reach new heights and make a lasting impact on our world. Let’s work together to build the future we’ve always dreamed of. Thank you again for the opportunity to lead, and let’s embark on this incredible journey together!

Please take a moment to connect to the IIMA on LinkedIn which will serve as our virtual community to stay connected on all things IIMA:

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Alison Munsch, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)
President, IIMA