The Mission and Vision of The International Information Management Association

The International Information Management Association (IIMA) is a supportive organization founded in 1989, with the mission to provide the opportunity for a diverse community of academics, students, and professionals to come together to produce high-quality academic research, participate in professional development, network and engage in social interactions in pursuit of expanding knowledge in the area of information systems and analytics, where the discipline can sustainably excel and individuals thrive through collective effort and strategic collaborations across global academic and professional communities.

During the conferences, it is not unusual for every IIMA member to attend all paper presentations. This combination of academic excellence and friendly interaction creates a collegial atmosphere that is usually missing from other conferences. The majority of our members know each other on a first name basis and regularly communicate and collaborate throughout the year. If you choose to join us at one of our conferences, you will immediately notice the difference.

Why attend IIMA?

For academic researchers, this is a great chance for discovering new research directions, interacting with other researchers and professionals. For students, this is a great time for learning latest technology and research trends and finding job opportunities. For industrial professionals, this is a wonderful opportunity for inspiring new ideas, recruiting students, and networking with researchers.