from 2 – 4 September 2024

Hosted by University of Salford, Media City, 

Manchester, UK

Welcome to the IIMA

The International Information Management Association was founded in 1989, with the mission to provide a unique blend of high-quality academic research combined with social interaction. The 35th annual meeting aims to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas among researchers, educators, developers and practitioners who share their research and disseminate innovations in education, business, government, and in public and social arenas. This conference is devoted to examining and sharing how digital technology can be developed ethically, equitably, safely and for public good.

We are looking to explore the age of intelligence, where digital and intelligent systems are not only a tool, but also a partner and a collaborator for humanity. Here digital is aligned with the common good of humanity, and contributes to the well-being and flourishing of all people and the planet. In the age of intelligence, we do not treat technology as a black box, but rather as a transparent and accountable system, that we can understand, trust, and control. We do not compete with technology, but rather cooperate and co-create, in a symbiotic and harmonious relationship. So we want to explore how we can embrace digital technologies as a source of inspiration and innovation; how we develop the skills and competences to respond to these developments; and the application of current developments in these fields.

We invite original and high-quality submissions from researchers and practitioners including but not limited to emerging ideas and trends in the following areas (if you have any queries about potential submissions, please contact the named programme committee member(s)):

  1. Ethics in digital: Ethical considerations in AI-driven sectors. Ethical guidelines and frameworks in AI development and deployment. Ethical challenges in digital research, including experimentation and model governance. Human-technology interaction, trust, and ethical design principles. Privacy, security, and data ethics in systems. [Taha Mansouri (]
  2. Modern agile approaches to software development: innovative agile information system development practices; agile at scale; public and social agile application domains; agile tools and technologies including DevOps and DevSecOps. [Peter Munsch ( and Gloria Iyawa (]  
  3. Information security and privacy: information systems security, security controls, incident management and business continuity, as well as, information privacy, privacy enhancing tools, data minimization and personal data protection issues of information systems and digital services, information security and privacy engineering in software development, as well as the development of security and privacy tools. [David Zeichick (]
  4. Digital transformation: in fields such as eHealth, eGovernment, eSociety, eLearning. Changes in organizations through digital transformation. Innovation in fields that impact the public. [Gloria Iyawa (]
  5. Technology for good: digital for social purpose; addressing global challenges; digital divide, ICT4D; sustainability goals; and impact on society, employment, and socio-economic disparities. [Anand Scheombar (]
  6. AI, big data, data science, and marketing science: explainable, safe intelligent systems. Novel techniques; applications for good. Bias, fairness, and transparency in AI algorithms and decision-making processes. Accountability, responsibility, and legal aspects of AI technologies. Use of these technologies in Marketing, Social media, and other public engagement. [Taha Mansouri: (]

Come, join and share with us in Manchester!

This annual conference is the flagship conference for the International Information Management Association (IIMA) that aims to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas among researchers, educators, and practitioners who share their research and disseminate innovations in business, education, and government.

As an example of that commitment to academic research, IIMA publishes the Journal of International Technology and Information Management (JITIM), a double blind reviewed publication; as well as the Communications of the IIMA (CIIMA) a double blind reviewed publication.  Each are published on a quarterly bases.  Manuscripts are solicited year around from all interested scholars and practitioners. All journals are listed in Cabell’s Publishing Directories of Academic Journals.  All Journals are Indexed and available in the following products:  ProQuest, ABI, PQCentral, Science, TECH, Technology and EBSCO Host.

The conference combines academic excellence and friendly interaction to create a collegial atmosphere that is usually missing from other conferences. The majority of our members know each other on a first name basis and regularly communicate and collaborate throughout the year.

Call for Papers

Important dates IIMA 2024:

Deadline extended! Full paper submission deadline: July 1st, 2024
Conference acceptance notification: July 14th for papers submitted before June 1st, and August 1st for papers submitted afterwards.
Final version of papers due: August 15th

Extended abstract, poster, panel and workshop
proposal submission deadline: August 1st

Why attend IIMA?

For academic researchers, this is a great chance for discovering new research directions, interacting with other researchers and professionals. For students, this is a great time for learning latest technology and research trends and finding job opportunities. For industrial professionals, this is a wonderful opportunity for inspiring new ideas, recruiting students, and networking with researchers.