Information Management in the 21st Century:
Smart Systems for Complex Problems

The complexity of human, business and organisational problems are increasing and require smart systems to help tackle them.   From a technical perspective there is the search for more efficient computing algorithms using computational intelligence along with nano-scale technologies and sensors that could simplify human, business and industrial operations by taking over human cognitive functions.  We find the application of smart systems in a wide range of topics such as the support for the elderly and disabled, medical applications, smart city technologies (e.g. transportation, energy management, and industrial automation), and different business systems (e.g. e-payment).  Since these technologies are mostly to assist humans, the human side of the system cannot be ignored.  Nor can we ignore business and organisational aspects since the systems affect business and organisations either as recipients or as financiers.  There is great opportunity for research in areas such as systems analysis, information management (which includes big data from which intuitive insights can be drawn), knowledge management and human-computer interface.  This conference, therefore, expects contributions about current research and work in progress in both the technical and non-technical aspects of smart systems geared at addressing complex human, business, industrial and organisational problems.

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